1461519_450543185057422_1779085491_nLa Calle Doce hosts a four-course beer dinner with Four Corners Brewery at7  tonight, Nov. 21. Tickets cost $45. Call for reservations, 214.941.4304.

Souk, a Moroccan restaurant, recently opened in Trinity Groves. City of Ate has a review.

Zoli’s now offers delivery north of Jefferson.

In case you missed it in our JFK50 round up, Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters is offering two limited edition roasts called the Conspiracy Theory Set. Here’s a description, from the Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters website: “The first coffee, the ‘Magic Bullet Theory’ is a fantastic single origin coffee, the San Marcos Honey-Processed mirco-lot from the CoopeDota Cooperative in Costa Rica. The second coffee in the series, the ‘Multiple Shooters Theory’ is a blend of two excellent coffees (a wet-process and a dry-process coffee) from the Yirgacheffe Township in Ethiopia.” The sets cost $50 and are available only on Nov. 22 and Dec. 18.