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The New York Times ran a travel story about Oak Cliff this week. The story attempts to tie in our neighborhood’s connection to Lee Harvey Oswald with an oversimplified analysis the revitalization that’s happened here over the past few decades. “After the shooting of America’s 35th president, Dallas turned away from Oak Cliff as if in shame and grew north, leaving the area to the poor and new immigrants.” I guess if you say so, lady. I don’t think it happened that way, but that is … a pithy transition? The story runs down some of the new and old hotspots in Oak Cliff — El Jordan, Lucia, the Wild Detectives, Hattie’s, Tillman’s, Emporium Pies, the House of MacGregor, Davis Street Espresso, Norma’s, Rush Patisserie and La Calle Doce, among others.

Drummer Stefan Gonzalez, born and raised in Oak Cliff, “is leading the Dallas noise scene,” according to the Dallas Observer.

City Councilman Dwaine Caraway proposes renaming Lancaster Boulevard in honor of Nelson Mandela.

The Dallas Morning News takes us inside the new Charles A. Sammons Tower at Methodist hospital.

Here is a look at “Draped Up and Dripped Out,” the exhibition of the work of Houston-based contemporary artists, which is showing at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center and Mountain View College.