Workers demolished the old Roy’s Transmission building at Zang and Davis late last week.

The city paid more than $375,000 for the property earlier this year with plans to create a plaza park and a Bishop Arts stop for the Oak Cliff streetcar line.

The initial 1.6-mile streetcar line, from Union Station to Beckley and Colorado, is expected to open early next year. Plans call for reopening the Houston Street Viaduct to southbound traffic, and the Jefferson Viaduct will return to its northbound-only traffic pattern.

When it opens, the single-track streetcar will come across the Houston Street Viaduct, stop at Greenbriar and then Oakenwald, turn the corner at Colorado, stop at Beckley and then return to Union Station.

The city also received $31 million from the Regional Transportation Council to extend the streetcar line half a mile from Union Station to the Dallas Convention Center and about three quarters of a mile from Beckley and Colorado to Bishop Arts. Early plans for the extension call for it to take Beckley to Zang and just past Davis to Seventh.

The city eventually would like to connect the streetcar to the McKinney Avenue Trolley.

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