Transportation plan underway for Oak Cliff Gateway


The plan to rezone 890 acres of north Oak Cliff lacks a plan for sidewalks and roadways, and City Councilman Scott Griggs intends to remedy that before the rezoning plan goes before City Council.

At a meeting with about 100 neighbors at Kidd Springs Park Recreation Center Tuesday, Griggs said work on a transportation plan for the Oak Cliff Gateway proposal is underway.

A public hearing on the Gateway plan before the City Plan Commission is scheduled for Thursday. But Griggs says a vote on the gateway proposal likely will be delayed until the transportation plan comes through. It probably will be ready in about a month, he says.

The plan should outline requirements for sidewalk widths and on-street parking as well as patterns for auto and streetcar lanes, plus a strategy to optimize DART bus ridership in the neighborhood.

Building heights in the Gateway plan were among the main concerns for neighbors attending the meeting. Twenty story buildings would be allowed at Methodist Dallas Medical Center as well as the area surrounding the Oak Farms Dairy campus — all of the dark blue areas in the map above. Buildings 12 stories high would be allowed along Jefferson Boulevard from Marsalis to Colorado as well as in areas north of Colorado in East Kessler. Those areas are light blue on the map. And in all the red areas on the map — notably, Zang from Colorado to Beckley — five story buildings would be allowed.

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  2. David Lyles August 8, 2014 at 7:01 AM

    I believe the thoroughfare plan should have been the first item on the agenda for the Gateway planners. Our/their precious street planning efforts should reveal the (long term) skeletal systems for our NOC community’s development efforts; I believe Mr Griggs is well aware of this.
    Once a comprehensive street plan is identified, vetted and perfected, the various subdistrict building heights and other issues can be addressed in a rational and potentially sustainable manor based upon community involvement and support.
    I believe it is important to do this right from the onset and create a model from which future Dallas and other planning/steering committees can benefit; we have a rare opportunity to lead by example; lets define this gateway prudently. If we can create and accomplish an intelligent Gateway plan even the developers will be thanking us in years to come.

  3. LeAnn Lewis August 5, 2014 at 2:23 PM

    Actually Scott’s area extends to Hampton: he is our council person for North Cliff Conservation District, Ravinia Heights, and Kessler Plaza.

  4. Ron Patterson August 5, 2014 at 9:01 AM

    What happened to the Davis St. sidewalks. Nobody has brought it up in months.

  5. Barbara Macleod August 5, 2014 at 8:53 AM

    Sidewalks are definatly lacking and need to “grow south.” Major roadways like Hampton and w. Ledbetter have folks fighting obstacles like trash and tree limbs and topography. Unbelievable these were not/are not already in place. Scary to see wheelchairs in the traffic lanes on these busy streets! Not Scott’s area anymore but hope we have an interested councilperson soon.

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