The City Plan Commission last week approved a plan to rezone the nearly 900-acre Oak Cliff Gateway in anticipation of future development.

Commissioners approved a draft ordinance and almost all of Oak Cliff plan commissioner Mike Anglin’s changes.

photo by Danny Fulgencio

photo by Danny Fulgencio

The zoning calls for walkable, transit-oriented designs and would require builders to submit their designs to a nonbinding peer-review process before they could build in the area.

The changes also would allow 20-story buildings where the Oak Farms Dairy now stands, as well as on the Methodist hospital campus. Twelve-story buildings would be allowed on Jefferson from Colorado to Marsalis. And eight stories would be allowed on Beckley from Greenbriar to Interstate 30.

Property owners and stakeholders began hashing out details of the Gateway plan years ago. It took the Plan Commission many meetings, including about four hours of testimony last month and about four hours of discussion last week, to pass the ordinance.

“This plan has been very long in the making, and it is very very detailed,” Plan Commission chairwoman Gloria Tarpley said.

It now goes on to City Council.