Developer Brent Jackson plans to create three new retail buildings fronting Sylvan Avenue in the parking lot of the Chase Bank building, across the street from Jackson’s development, Sylvan Thirty.

The three buildings would face the street and sit about five feet back from the curb, comprising a total of 10,620 square feet of retail space. Since the project would take away parking from the bank building, Jackson proposes creating head-in parking at the rear of the tower. But that parking plan would require cars to maneuver on Chappell Street, a little avenue between the Interstate 30 and Fort Worth Avenue that runs behind Valero and the bank building.

That’s where the plan is running into some resistance. Both the 5-foot building setbacks and the plan to allow cars to maneuver on Chappell require approval from City Council, which is expected to consider the plan today. The city’s planning staff recommends allowing the buildings to be built five feet from the curb, but they are not recommending that City Council approve the parking plan off Chappell.

Here are more neighborhood-related items on today’s City Council agenda:

The Oak Cliff Gateway plan receives a public hearing. Council won’t vote on the plan today but only discuss it and hear comments from the public. They are expected to vote on the plan in an upcoming meeting.

City Council will consider making some changes to the terms of the economic development deal it made with the $42-million Bishop Arts Village development.

Council is expected to approve the construction contract for an extension of the Coombs Creek Trail along Kessler Parkway and improvements to the tennis courts. Construction is now expected to begin next month and be completed in December.

Homebuilder PSW Real Estate, which has a couple of developments under construction in our neighborhood, also is planning a home development in West Dallas. The developer is asking for its land, along Stafford at Edgefield and Willomett, to be rezoned from industrial to single-family.

You don’t have to tune into City Council because we’ll do it for you. Expect updates on all of this soon.