City crews worked 12-hour shifts this past weekend in efforts to repair potholes caused by the recent ice and snow storms.

Some are deceptively profound, and they can cause expensive damage to cars.

City Councilman Scott Griggs says he is staying in “constant contact” with the city’s street services department to make sure potholes in our neighborhood are repaired.

He added, in a newsletter to constituents, that the city needs to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in the next few years to repair streets. The city would need to spend $900 million in the next few years to reach its goal of 87 percent satisfaction with roads.

Griggs suggested that the city should spend money on streets instead of the planned Trinity Parkway.

“My hope is that in the coming years, we will be able to take the tens of millions of dollars now set aside to build a tollway inside the Trinity River levees and apply them instead toward sturdier streets and quicker repairs of those that get damaged,” Griggs writes.