Top 3 most-asked pet food questions answered by Green Pet

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The experts at Green Pet Supply hear it all, but these are the most common questions asked by animal-lovers when visiting the shop at 315 N. Bishop Ave.

Q: What is the best pet food you have in the store?

The healthy selection at Green Pet.

The healthy selection at Green Pet.

A: We don’t have a best food, however we can share with you the best way to feed your pet. First, go for an all-natural diet made of high quality meats, fruits and vegetables. If it has any grains, make sure it’s whole-grains. Second, it’s best to rotate your pet’s protein intake with assorted raw, dehydrated and canned foods — just like you, your pet craves variety. Finally, make sure the transition to an all-natural diet is gradual so as not to upset your baby’s belly.

Q: Do you have any foods designed for sensitive skin or stomach, and is my pet allergic to its food?

A: There can be a lot of reasons your pet has sensitivities on the skin or in the tummy. Most skin issues are related to environmental factors like grasses and other allergens. We often tell people to take off their clothes and go lie down in the yard for an hour, and see how they feel. Giving the pet a quick wipe down with a wet towel will often remove the allergens that cause skin irritation. When it comes to food allergies, it is possible but unlikely because less than 3 percent of dogs or cats have food-specific allergies. Generally the dogs prone to such allergies have a genetic predisposition, such as an unbalanced immune system. Purebreds seem to have the highest incidence of food allergies, specifically white, toy breeds. However, an all-natural rotational diet will support the immune system and help your pet.

Toys galore at Green Pet.

Toys galore at Green Pet.

Q: What is an all-natural diet?

A: Simply put, it’s just real food. They are free of chemical preservatives, colorings, dyes and any other synthetic ingredients. Some take it one step further with diets free from any corn, wheat or soy. And since grains don’t provide pets with much nutritional value, some argue grain-free diets are the way to go.

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