The developer of a massive Bishop Arts expansion will ask the City Plan Commission for major changes in its already permissive zoning this week.

Exxir Capital, the Nazerian family company, wants to create a separate subdistrict in the Bishop Arts zoning to allow a hotel, events center and grocery or neighborhood market, as well as exemption from the “awning ordinance” that requires businesses to pay a fees for erecting awnings or signs over public sidewalks.

The current zoning allows for a hotel of 30 rooms or fewer, but the developer says a hotel that small is not financially feasible. They would like to allow a hotel of up to 120 rooms with a conference center and day spa.

The $42 million project currently calls fro about 400 apartments plus restaurants, shops and public plazas.

The City Plan Commission hears the case at its 1:30 p.m. meeting Thursday.

Here is a rundown of what else the case requests:

  • A “commercial amusement” use, which could allow a bowling alley or a convention center, among many other uses.
  • A “general merchandise food store,” which allows a store up to 15,000 square feet. That is big enough for a CVS store, but Michael Nazerian says, “that is the last thing I would want.” He envisions something more along the lines of a boutique grocer or deli. By the way, Trader Joe’s stores typically comprise 10,000-12,000 square feet.
  • A “massage establishment,” which is expressly forbidden in the Bishop/Davis zoning, but Exxir would like to have a spa in the hotel.
  • A “neighborhood market,” which could be a big space with commercial stalls for artisans and other vendors.