The Well Community is the only faith-based service in the Dallas area that deals with severe mental illness and poverty.

Joel and Laura Pulis started The Well at Cliff Temple Baptist Church after Texas lawmakers slashed the budgets of state-funded mental health services. And now there’s a new way for anyone to get involved.

The Well recently started an auxiliary to provide volunteers and funds to the nonprofit. Community members often need things as small as personal-care supplies or as overwhelming as funeral costs, says auxiliary president Vickie Fisk in The Well’s most recent newsletter.

“A primary goal for 2017 is to provide $5,000 worth of gift cards to give away to The Well members in December and to be able to help with personal needs of members as they arise,” Fisk says.

Eventually, they would like to open a boarding house for female community members similar to the one they have for men.

Joining the auxiliary costs $50 a year, and members can be as involved as they like. Find more information here.