Oak Cliff native Frank J. Rosello turned a simple idea that could benefit most drivers into a successful business venture.

Rosello and business partner Paul G. Marcus started their company, Reflection Band, in February 2014. Their product is a band of rubber that fits around any rearview mirror to remind the driver not to text and drive.

Texting while driving “is an ever-increasing systemic problem” in the United States, Rosello says.

The idea came to them when a friend of Marcus picked him up from the airport in his daughter’s car. Marcus noticed that his friend had taped a note to the rearview mirror to remind his daughter not to text.

Longtime buddies Rosello and Marcus sketched out their original prototype on a restaurant placemat. They wanted it to be a constant visual reminder that wouldn’t obstruct the mirror. And they decided it should be made of silicon rubber that wouldn’t damage the mirror. It had to contain UV protection and stand up to heat or cold.

After doing some research, they took their idea to Alliance Rubber Co. in Hot Springs, Ark. That company liked the idea so much that they ran with it immediately.

Rosello and Marcus began taking the Reflection Band to departments of transportation and other law-enforcement agencies nationwide.

“It’s been in an upward trajectory since,” says Rosello, who graduated from Bishop Dunne Catholic School in Oak Cliff.

The bands can be customized with any message you want. And the company is working to get licensing for sports merchandise.

Reflection Band launched their website Jan. 9 to make the product available to the public. They cost about $5.50 each. Find them here.