Oak Farms Dairy site pitched for $5 billion Amazon HQ2

The Oak Farms Dairy site, under demolition in August 2015

The developer who owns Oak Farms Dairy and the adjacent Burnett Field is pitching that site to Amazon for its planned secondary headquarters.

Cienda Partners purchased the old Oak Farms site in 2014 and tore it down. With the old Burnett Field baseball park, the site totals about 50 acres.

Amazon is searching nationwide for a place to station 50,000 employees and invest $5 billion in a regional headquarters, called Amazon HQ2.

From Cienda’s pitch, according to the Dallas Morning News:

Ten city blocks, the site is the largest contiguous site on the Trinity River and in the downtown area. The site is adjacent to the first stop from downtown on the new $80 million modern streetcar line which connects Oak Cliff to the DART lines at Union Station, providing north-south access between downtown and Oak Cliff and to the Bishop Arts District. Two DART Light Rail stations are within walking distance.

The DMN’s Steve Brown on Thursday predicted that Denver or Atlanta would win the Amazon deal, with Las Vegas or Wisconsin as dark horses.

But Phil Wise of Cienda said that Dallas city officials encouraged the company to go after Amazon by the Oct. 19 deadline. He told the newspaper, “”I think it’s a good exercise for Dallas to go after this.”

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  2. downtownworker September 22, 2017 at 3:59 PM

    So the DMN story mentions the 50 acres but also includes an image from the pitch that says “135 acres in campus realm” with the “campus realm” extending south to the future deck park. If Cienda has been buying property all along I-35 (including the TriColor car dealership that recently closed) then everyone in the press seems to have missed this important detail. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91866aa0cf7226b2260fba3842c3797d40606119880de4c9b5688636a7a19623.jpg

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