Photo by Michael Cagle

Multistory condos are coming up every day in Oak Cliff, which is great for developers and real estate agents.

But can Oak Cliff balance out the tear-down trend and maintain its 20th-century charm?

City Councilman Scott Griggs wants to expand the city’s demolition-delay overlay area in an effort to prevent hapless demolition.

The overlay was created two years ago in reaction to the Joule Hotel developer demolishing 100-year-old Downtown buildings. And Griggs pushed for part of Oak Cliff to be included in the overlay, which requires notification and a 45-day wait before buildings 50 years or older can be torn down.

The delay gives the city time to hold meetings with property owners about alternatives to demolition.

This map shows the current overlay over Oak Cliff.

And here is the proposed expansion.

The Dallas City Plan Commission could hold a hearing on the expansion in late March.