Move over, lavandería/taquería, there’s a new concept in Oak Cliff.

Oak Cliff Taco Garage on South Beckley offers mechanic services as well as tacos.

I’ve been riding my bike past this place since it opened last year, and I finally found an excuse to drive over there. The mechanic completed my inspection at noon today before my food was even ready. It cost $25, and they were nice. You never know what might happen when a lady walks into an unfamiliar auto mechanic’s shop, but it was fine. They didn’t try to sell me anything extra or talk to me like I’m an idiot.

I ordered a quesadilla with chicken and a side of rice and beans, which cost less than $6. The quesadilla had two kinds of cheese — melty white cheese and queso fresco — and I couldn’t finish the whole thing even though I wanted to because it was delicious.

I’d go with just the creamy green salsa next time. The red was OK too, just too hot for me. The other green salsa was not great, a little watery.

The place is cute, although there are no tables on the patio. I ate in my car because I am an animal. Civilized humans could bring theirs back home or to the office.

Taco Garage is on a stretch of Beckley with five or six other state inspection/brake repair places that could be the best in the world, but I’ll never know since none of them have tacos.