[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Episode 11: Rachael Lieck Bryce has two children. Her daughter is in college and her son is in elementary school. Finding a school to fit his needs proved to be a difficult process. The family lives in Wynnewood North but as Rachael’s son entered kindergarten, they transferred him into Rosemont Elementary in Kessler Park, a well regarded Oak Cliff school. Unfortunately, her son’s strong-willed nature led to multiple suspensions at Rosemont. By the end of the year, the behavioral issues overshadowed his brilliance and the situation seemed bleak, but it turned out that the right fit was just around the corner. It’s a story that illustrates what may seem like the best school, isn’t always best for your child. 


Podcast credits: Keri Mitchell, produced by Advocate Magazines

Music by HookSounds

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