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Podcast Title: The Uninformed Parent

Podcast credits: Keri Mitchell, produced by Advocate Magazines

Podcast description: We parents have so many questions. Pressing ones. Silly ones. Ones that keep us up at night. Ones that we’re afraid to ask because we don’t want to look like “that parent.” But the truth is, none of us *really* know what we’re doing. So where do we turn for answers? Who can we trust to tell us what we need to know? Welcome to “The Uninformed Parent,” where we seek out the answers together. (Have questions? Reach out to Keri Mitchell at kmitchell@advocatemag.com.)

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: How do parents find a school for their child?

Episode 2: What do parents really want in a school?

Episode 3: How much does a principal matter to a school?

Episode 4: What do parents value when choosing a school?

Episode 5: School choice problems: Chocolate milk and outdated websites

Episode 6: Do public schools offer parent tours?

Episode 7: What questions should parents ask on a school tour?

Episode 8: What do parents mean when they ask if a school is ‘safe’?

Episode 9: Advice on your neighborhood school from a parent who is also a teacher

Episode 10: How did Texas’ top education official choose his child’s school?

Episode 11: Sometimes the ‘best’ school isn’t what’s best for your child

Episode 12: When none of your neighbors go to the neighborhood school

Episode 13: What you can’t learn about a school from an online search

Episode 14: AVID + personalized learning = a top-ranked school

Episode 15: What should parents look for in a school? ‘Joy in learning’

Episode 16: Picking a school is hard, but we’ve got 7 hacks to help you out

Episode 17: How important is diversity in choosing a school?

Episode 18: Real talk from Dallas parents on school decisions