Nine students and a bus driver from Bishop Dunne Catholic School were taken to the hospital Thursday after a crash that caused the school bus to roll over and land in a ditch on Interstate 30 near Loop 12.

The crash happened just before 4 p.m.

A student on the bus, Pierce Weller, told WFAA that a car side-swiped the bus and caused it to skid off the shoulder.

“When we went off the road, everything started shaking so much that I lost my rip. We kind of flew in the air for a second or two,” Pierce told the TV station. “Hearing all the sounds of the windows shaking and the tires screeching really just made my stomach drop.”

He told the station he had a gash over his left eye and a bruised shoulder.

All 11 people on the bus, including the driver, were injured. The driver and seven students were taken to Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Two students were taken to Parkland Hospital. One student was not hospitalized.