Neighbors complained on Nextdoor enough that the Dallas Police Department checked on a busy Fort Worth Avenue gas station.

There have been several complaints about card skimmers lodged against the Exxon station at the southeast corner of Hampton at Fort Worth Avenue.

The Dallas Police Department’s Southwest Patrol Division sent Senior Corporal Dan Rosales, who reports that he spoke with the owner.

Via City Councilman Scott Griggs:

The owner, Mr. Sidhu, stated that two weeks ago someone gained access to the pumps and put in a skimmer. Mr. Sidhu himself expressed frustration because he is constantly taking action against this type of property theft, including criminals disabling of the pumps’ computer line which regulates gas flow based on how much you pay. Then, he is limited in his crime prevention because there is Exxon corporate policy he must abide by. He took the time to show Senior Corporal Rosales his crime prevention efforts at the pumps, video system and instructions to his employees to physically check the pumps every three hours for any signs of tampering …

Credit card skimmers can take seconds to install. Check out this woman caught on video installing one at a drive-through cash machine in Hurst.

Police say the best way to avoid this type of gas-pump theft is to make sure the tamper-proof tape is intact. If it’s not, don’t use the pump, and alert the store clerk.