Chef Graham Dodds and two investors from California plan to open a restaurant in the Oak Cliff mayor’s house on Zang.

The former home of 1936 Dallas Mayor George Sergeant, built in 1910, received a parking variance in 2017 that allowed property owner Jim Lake to renovate it for restaurant use.

Dodds, the original chef of Bolsa who most recently worked at The Statler Downtown, told Escape Hatch Dallas that the new restaurant will open this summer. Dodds says he expects to call it The Mayor’s House.

The website reports that his partners are A.J. Gilbert and Martha Madison, a husband and wife from the San Francisco Bay Area who now live in Frisco. They own restaurants in California and New York.

Jim Lake Cos., which put the property up for lease last year, has owned it since 2011.

Here is Dodds making a tomato salad at Hibiscus in 2014.

The mayor’s house under construction. Photo by Scott Dorn

A rendering of how the finished mayor’s house might look.

Dallas Mayor George Sergeant rides in the front passenger seat of the President’s car. Behind him are FDR and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Photo courtesy of Jim Lake Jr.