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The impact of early learning can be profound. Students who attend quality early learning programs set the stage for success that will follow them throughout their lifetime. 

The benefits of a high-quality early learning program are far reaching and go beyond academics. Such programs enhance social and emotional development, improve graduation rates and increase college attendance, all of which help students chart a path to a bright future.  These are compelling reasons to take advantage of Dallas ISD’s early learning program, which serves students as young as 3 and 4 years old.  

Free and tuition-based options

The district offers a free program for eligible students and a tuition-based option for those students who do not qualify for the free program. Schools in District 7 offering the free and tuition-based programs include: Sidney Lanier, John H. Reagan, Rosemont, Arturo Salazar, Lida Hooe, James S. Hogg, and Louise Wolff Kahn elementary schools. 

Dallas ISD also offers programs for students as young as three-years-old at Arcadia Park, Felix Botello, Leila P. Cowart, John F. Peeler, Lida Hooe, James S. Hogg, James Bowie, Margaret B. Henderson, Nancy J. Cochran, and Winnetka elementary schools. 

Also, Dallas ISD partners with child care centers throughout the city to provide pre-K 3 and 4 educational opportunities. It’s the same quality programs you would receive at an elementary school, but they offer other benefits including extended hours. Each participating classroom has a Dallas ISD certified teacher and the student is dual-enrolled with the district.

To learn more about pre-k in Dallas ISD, visit www.prekdallas.org.

Other news in District 7

Congratulations to District 7’s Master Principals who were recognized recently for their outstanding leadership on their campus. They are: Kathryn Carter from L.O. Donald Elementary, Ida Escobedo from Margaret B. Henderson Elementary, Diana Nunez from W.H. Adamson High School, and Kelly Sanchez from Arcadia Park Elementary.

Two neighborhood schools in our area will become Personalized Learning (PL) campuses next school year–Arturo Salazar and Leila P. Cowart Elementary schools. These are great programs that will help our community stand out as a stellar place to raise and educate our children. Every student attending these schools will benefit from an innovative program that personalizes the approach to learning for each of them. Only students who live outside the attendance zones of these schools and want to attend will need to apply through the transfer process. Students who live in the schools’ attendance zones, automatically, become part of the new personalized learning program and do not have to apply, however, if they do not want to take advantage of this exciting program, they’ll need to apply for a transfer to another school. For more info, contact your child’s school or Cowart (972) 794-5500 or Salazar (972) 502-1800.   

Dallas ISD Trustee Audrey Pinkerton, District 7