A bad photo of a great dish, by Rachel Stone

Oak Cliff, I’m sorry. I don’t eat at fancy restaurants. You might catch me with a $5 happy hour cocktail at Bolsa or with a very large table of people on the Nova patio, if you call that fancy.

Once, for my 40th birthday, I had dinner at Lucia.

But mostly, it’s tacos, Tex-Mex and Norma’s for me.

The exception was Smoke, where I used to throw down for brunch occasionally. Sometimes on my birthday or Valentine’s Day, I would sit at the bar and order a sazerac, a terrine of foie gras, to eat all by myself, and then the big pork chop too. I was ballin’ out of control, dog.

Now Smoke is gone.

But the heavy-handed blueberry pancakes with vanilla poached apricots will live again.

Chef Tim Byres, who sold Smoke to the owners of the Belmont Hotel last year, is joining Flora Street Cafe in an effort to make the Stephan Pyles restaurant more casual and approachable, reports Eater.

The café, which launched Byres’ menu this week, serves those pancakes at brunch, as well as pulled-pork BBQ eggs benedict.