The second Oak Cliff location of the restaurant formerly known as El Tizoncito is now open on Colorado at Fort Worth Avenue.

Leo Spencer of Spencer Concepts opened the first El Tizoncito about 10 years ago on West Illinois at Westmoreland.

Spencer’s new restaurant at the corner of Fort Worth Avenue and Colorado is branded El Tiz Kessler Park, although it’s solidly in Stevens Park. Maybe El Tiz Stevens Park just doesn’t have the same ring.

The menu is the same as the one on Illinois (El Tiz also has locations on Lemmon Avenue, Forest Lane and Frankford Road). El Tiz has great, consistent tacos that are served with a caddy of salsas, pineapple chunks and cilantro. They’re known for their tacos al trompo and choriqueso, an appetizer of crumbled chorizo and melted cheese on flour tortillas. Everyone is served a little bowl of delicious black-bean soup, and the tamarind margaritas are still on point.

The Stevens Park location features a big patio, which currently needs more plants and less used-car lot bunting. It has a cool interior with big screens for watching soccer.

That shopping center, developed by Lincoln Property Co. and opened last year, also has a nail shop and a dentist office. It appears to be about half leased.