A taco and margaritas at Tacos Mariachi. Photo by Kathy Tran

Yelp released a bunch of data in celebration of its 15-year anniversary. That’s right, we’ve been passive aggressively letting businesses know why we would give zero stars if we could since 2004.

Most of the stuff Yelp put out is nationwide data, but they also showed us the key words that “define” cities.

I can’t even believe there’s nothing about margaritas or craft beer here, but OK.

Also, our neighborhood has the worst Kroger store of all time, but OK.

Among our favorites here are “burnt end” and “bark,” referring to all of our badass barbecue offerings. But I just have to ask, “bean dip”? Like, what are you talking about, Dallas?

“Tacos amazing” we can relate.

For cultural comparison, check this out:

HAHAHAHA, “Volvo.”

If you wanna play around with this thing, it’s at Yelp15.com. Scroll down to “words that defined our cities.”