This week’s post about the history of country music in Dallas inspired us to make this playlist for you.

It starts with the Dallas String Band’s 1927 recording of “Hokum Blues” and ends with “Maybelle” off of Charley Crockett’s new album, The Valley.

In between are songs by artists from Dallas or songs that were recorded here. The exceptions are Nikki Lane’s “Highway Queen,” which was recorded in Denton, and Summer Dean’s “Alabama (Can I Call You Hank).” Dean lives in Fort Worth, very proudly, and would probably find it hilarious that she’s on a Dallas country music playlist. But it’s a killer lil tune. Support your local honky tonk queens.

Doug Sahm’s recording of “(Is Anybody Going To) San Antone” is also an exception. Sahm was from San Antonio, and the song was written and composed by the late great Dave Kirby, who was from Brady, Texas, and the prolific Glen Martin, who died this year.

Find the play list, below, on Apple Music and Spotify.

Hope you enjoy it.