Screen capture of “Samantha Brown’s Places to Love” Dallas episode, via

Samantha Brown found out that Dallas has lines for barbecue too. Spoiler alert: She skips the line and orders “the trough” at Pecan Lodge.

“Samantha Brown’s Places to Love” recently aired its episode about Dallas, and you can watch the whole thing online.

The 26-minute episode spends nine and a half minutes in Oak Cliff. Brown’s interviews with Katherine Clapner of Dude Sweet Chocolate (9:47) and Javier García del Moral of The Wild Detectives (13:29) are super cute. And Brown reveals that she was born in Dallas, and lived here for the first year of her life, during a hat-designing session at Travis Austin Customs on Jefferson Boulevard (16:13).

Brown also goes to the Nasher Sculpture Center and Revolver Taco Lounge, two institutions that make Dallas proud. Not a bad day for a tourist.