It’s hard to believe that Bolsa is closed, and House of MacGregor, our neighborhood’s tiny but mighty hat shop, no longer occupies the studio above it.

Hat maker Cassie MacGregor moved her shop to a different teensy space in the Bishop Arts District. The hat shop, nationally known for MacGregor’s custom Kentucky Derby hats, now occupies the former library in a building that was designed as a preschool.

Not only does MacGregor’s shop occupy just a couple of hundred square feet, door handles are placed low throughout the building, because it was a  school, and MacGregor’s office is sunken at the center of her showroom, which also has a fireplace. It is positively wee, y’all.

The shop and showroom is at 407 W. 10th Street, the same building as Trompo Bishop Arts. Just the other day, a friend called me at work to ask where Trompo is because she used GPS to get there and couldn’t find it. The businesses face a courtyard and not 10th Street. It’s easier to look for Black Swan Yoga on Bishop at Tenth and enter the courtyard to the right of that.

Photos of the new House of MacGregor studio courtesy of Elliott Muñoz.