Oak Cliff-based Better Block is known for its work demonstrating how streets and sidewalks can look better through paint, elbow grease and temporary furniture like benches and bus stops.

Most of that furniture is made of plywood that’s cut out in pieces on a CNC router and then assembled. When the coronavirus crisis first hit Dallas, the Better Block made fruit and veggie stands for Oddfellows restaurant, which Better Block principal Jason Roberts co-owns.

But now the Better Block is using its CNC router, which is basically a saw attached to a computer, to make protective face shields for medical professionals.

The nonprofit this week began making protective face shields for medical professionals. The plans for the face shields are available on their website so that anyone with a CNC router can use them.

From the website:

Directly inspired by the open-source plans by the team at The Good Mod in Portland, this medical face shield has been tweaked and prototyped so that it can be constructed in batches of 100 using a CNC router, a three-hole punch, and a tie.

Better Block initially sent 10 of them to Baylor University Medical Center and retooled the design based on feedback from medical professionals before printing more.