Adam & the Figurines released a new video for a track off of their new album, “Higher.”

“Where Did I Go Wrong” is a Dead Moon song and the only cover on their second album, which was released last year. They’ve been working on a third album, due out next year.

Here’s how the band’s principle members, Kate Fisher and Adam Amparán, describe themselves:

Adam & the Figurines started as a five-piece rock band from Oak Cliff. Adam’s career has swung wide from his early post-hardcore days in At the Drive In, to the psych-soul of Super Secret’s Nervous Exits, and on to the melodic country-stained ’60s garage-psych of our most current work. The band started principally as a vehicle for Adam’s songs but is now a song-writing partnership between Adam and Kate. The title track on our last record, “Higher,” is Kate’s song.

Watch “Where Did I Go Wrong,” below, as well as a couple of the band’s other self-produced videos.