Historical photo of Calvary Baptist Church, courtesy of the Kessler School.

The Kessler School closed on the purchase of Calvary Baptist Church on West Tenth Street near West Jefferson Boulevard for a new campus.

The original Calvary building is about 96 years old years old, and the annex was built in the 1950s. The school plans to renovate it and open there in the fall of 2021.

From their announcement on social media:

Plans include restoration of the original neoclassical architecture, updates to interior spaces to better allow for personalized education and technology, repurposing the current sanctuary into a gymnasium/multi-use performance space and the addition of sports fields, playgrounds and other landscaped outdoor spaces. The school expects to begin operating at the new campus in Fall 2021.

The Kessler School opened about 21 years ago at Kessler Park United Methodist Church. The Calvary space comprises about 60,000 square feet, offering about six times the space of the current school.

We have some big news to share: The Kessler School has completed the purchase of our new campus! Located just a few...

Posted by The Kessler School on Wednesday, September 30, 2020