This week is your last chance to get fresh donuts from Oak Cliff’s 70-year-old donut shop.

Lone Star Donuts announced it will stop producing fresh donuts out of its storefront because of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

The store, which originally opened in what is now the Bishop Arts District in 1950, will continue selling its little powdered donuts, Babycakes, as well as “less-than-perfect” and overrun items from its production bakery, including sweet rolls, plus popcorn. But it will no longer sell fresh donuts, breakfast sandwiches and drinks.

Lone Star also is changing its hours. Starting Nov. 3, the hours are 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, and the storefront will be closed on Sunday and Monday, starting Nov. 1.

“We hope to be back to our traditional line of products once the effects of the pandemic have passed,” a letter to customers states.

The Burdine family has owned Lone Star Donuts since 1957, and it moved to its current location on Beckley Avenue in 1963.