Photo by Todd Crusham, via @ebnewbohemians

Edie Brickell and New Bohemians released a video for “My Power,” a song off their upcoming album, “Hunter and the Dog Star.”

The band, whose debut album, “Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars,” went two-times platinum, stayed together but didn’t tour with Brickell for more than a decade. The Oak Cliff native married Paul Simon and prioritized raising their children.

The New Bo’s released their first album in 12 years, “Rocket,” in 2018. Their new album comes out in February.

Brickell told Relix: “Kenny [Withrow] started playing this great guitar part in the recording studio, and the first thing I sang was not to his liking, so I got kinda mad at him. And then I thought, ‘Oh, Edie, be a team player and try singing it in the space Kenny hears it.’ So when I climbed over stubborn MY WAY mountain, I started singing this song, and it all flowed out like magic and found us all enjoying it and laughing again. Relinquishing power gave me ‘My Power.’ ”

Brickell credits Micah Nelson, aka Particle Kid, and his wife, Alex, with making this video.