I would say probably 75 percent of residential burglaries occur from 8 in the morning from 5 in the afternoon, and this is because burglars know during the day that most people are at work. One of the things that a citizen can do is leave a radio on inside your house, or possibly the television. When burglars break in, they’re going to do it from the easiest point where they’re not seen, and it’s usually the back door, which is often near the kitchen, so you might have a radio on in the kitchen. Also, use blinds or shutters or curtains to cover up your windows during the day when you leave for work. You really don’t want to give that burglar an opportunity to look inside your house. Also, all of us like to have pretty landscaping if we can afford it, but unfortunately, what that does is give the burglar cover, day or night, so it’s important if you have shrubs around your house to keep them low, so if an intruder were to get in behind them, he couldn’t hide. Another thing is a dog in the house that will make some noise when the burglar starts jimmying or prying, or if a dog in the back yard starts barking, the burglar will think, “I’ll go somewhere else.” Another thing is a burglar alarm system, but if you have a silent alarm and the burglar doesn’t hear anything, he’s going to continue doing what he’s doing. If you have an audible alarm, one that goes off at your house and makes noise, as soon as he breaks that seal and that thing goes off, he’s out of there.