9864360_origThe February Advocate features an interview with Eric Barclay, the Oak Cliff-based illustrator and graphic designer who published two children’s books last year, “Hiding Phil” and “I Can See Just Fine.”

Barclay wrote and illustrated both of those books. He also illustrates greeting cards and children’s books by other writers, and he makes these adorable wooden toys, among other design projects.

For fun, Barclay makes whimsical sculptures out of trash, such as “Burnt Texas Toast,” created from his broken toaster.

He makes some amazing things out of salvaged recyclables. Check out the rhino made from a Clorox bottle, a skunk from a Coke can, a regal kitty from a laundry detergent bottle, these sophisticated sea creatures from Coffee Mate bottles, this circus lion from French’s mustard, and this IBM floppy disc formatted for Mac.

Check out more of Barclay’s illustrations, designs and artwork on his website.