Coombs Creek Trail (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Coombs Creek Trail (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

The Coombs Creek Trail will reach from Beckley to Bahama in the next couple of years.

The Dallas City Council approved spending $7.2 million to bring the Kessler Park trail to Beckley Avenue and the Interstate 30 pedestrian bridge. Another $2.2 million will go to extending the trail from Hampton at Plymouth up to Fort Worth Avenue at Bahama Drive.

That project, connecting the trail from Hampton Road to Fort Worth Avenue, will include creating bike lanes on Bahama Drive between Plymouth and Fort Worth Avenue and along Fort Worth Avenue from Bahama to Interstate 30. It also includes improving the sidewalks along Bahama and extending the trail along Plymouth from Hampton to Bahama. It is funded 80 percent from regional toll revenue funds and 20 percent from the Fort Worth Avenue TIF fund.

Construction on that part could begin in March 2019 and be completed in September 2019.

About $7.2 million will be spent to bring the trail about 1.5 miles from Kessler Parkway to the Interstate 30 pedestrian bridge.

That project will include building a 12-foot-wide trail, including a $4.7-million bridge, that will cross Beckley and connect to the I-30 pedestrian bridge. That 1-30 bridge, by the way, is still undergoing safety testing.

This Kessler Park part of the project could begin in July 2020, with construction taking about a 10 months.