Beyoncé ordered this. Lobster enchiladas from Mesa. Photo courtesy of Mesa.

They introduced mole to countless gringos and brought fine dining to a stretch of Jefferson Boulevard where no one else bothered investing.

Beyoncé once ate there. So did Conan O’Brien.

And now Mesa is closing.

Husband-and-wife business partners Raul and Olga Reyes opened Mesa, an upscale version of their previous Veracruz-style restaurant in the same location, in 2011.

They announced the restaurant’s closing on Facebook Monday night.

Chef Raul and Chef Olga thank all our Mesa restaurant customers who faithfully supported the typical Veracruz cuisine for eight years. This weekend, Aug. 16-17, will be the last days of work. We will have specials to say goodbye to our clients as they deserve it. Thanks again for your unconditional support.

The restaurant is closed this week but open for the farewell this weekend.

The Reyeses opened a second Mesa location in Grapevine in 2016, and that location is still open. This year, they opened Ceviche Oyster Bar on West Davis. We reached Raul Reyes there last week, when he said a new concept is planned for the Mesa spot, but he hasn’t given us any details.