Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters can help you fill your pantry without a trip to the grocery store.

The company launched CliffMade Pantry, selling coffee and its Five Mile Chocolate products as well as bread, milk, eggs, jam and more.

Owner Shannon Neffendorf says they’ve been working on the concept for awhile but expedited it because of coronavirus.

CliffMade Pantry “was born of anxiety as a way to adapt to what customers need now and will continue to need,” he says.

Delivery is available in the Oak Cliff area codes 75208, 75203, 75211, 75212, 75216, 75224 and 75233, and delivery is free for orders of $40 or more.

CliffMade Pantry is offering a $10 off coupon code — pantry10 — through April 9.

“CliffMade Pantry is a provision for your ability to choose better. You could say that it started similarly to Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, out of frustration. We wanted the ability to get quality made and sourced ingredients from people who care and make with skill. We started with coffee purchased directly from responsible farmers, moved into chocolate from the bean and naturally leavened bread. And so the pantry is a way for us to make that as accessible as we can to our neighborhood, and not just the things we make, but the effort we put into sourcing as well,” Neffendorf says.