Here’s proving that no news is too small for The Advocate, literally.

A community newspaper for gnomes was removed from the Coombes Creek Trail on Kessler Parkway this week.

Gnome Gnews was the first hyperlocal news publication for Kessler Park’s small gnome community, as far as we can tell.

Girl Scouts Troop 6895 published the newspaper as a way to practice their writing skills while raising awareness in a humorous way about the 2020 Census and preventing spread of COVID-19.

The Juniors, ages 10-12, wrote the stories (see below) and laid them out in Microsoft Word. There were two editions, on Aug. 1 and 9.

Scout mom Valerie Hawthorne says they attached a hard-plastic flyer holder to a tree so that passersby could read it. They planned to submit the project for a Bronze Award.

But someone took down their box.

Hawthorne vented her frustration on Facebook:

“Hi neighbors. I’d like some more information on who ripped the Gnome Gnews installation out from the Gnome forest near the tennis courts. The loss (destruction) of this creative writing project by our neighborhood Girl Scouts is upsetting. If it was you, I’d love to have a conversation about why?”

Yes, it could be a code violation to post a gnome newspaper on public property. But would you also evict all of those poor gnomes from their homes with your gentrification?!

But seriously, the newspaper is very cute, and the members of Troop 6895 are welcome to apply for internships here any time.