Chimichurri is located on W. 7th Street, in the spot previously occupied by Tillman’s | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

In the spot previously occupied by Tillman’s comes Chimichurri, a small Argentinian restaurant with plenty to offer. Chimichurri is run by chef Jesus Carmona (Tacos Mariachi) and restaurateur Ramiro Fernandez Pazos and boasts a menu of sausages, pizzas, empanadas and grilled meats. 

Inside Chimichurri are chandeliers made from wine bottles, works of art, and a large mural of Madonna as Eva Perron in the movie Evita, bedecked with neon lights, reading “No llores por mi Argentina.” 

Chimichurri has Argentinine-inspired artwork throughout the restaurant | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

For starters, guests can sample spicy chorizo sausages and various empanadas. Truthfully, a group of friends could make a full meal just passing around appetizers. The sausages are juicy and filling and the empanadas are stuffed with meat and encased in a toasty, doughy shell.

But when in Bishop Arts, one must indulge, so we recommend trying the cappelletti. The cappelletti are fluffy noodles stuffed with lamb meat and covered in a creamy mushroom sauce. The single serving is enough to feed two, so share with your guest, and save room for the sweet caramel delight that is the oreo torta for dessert.

Cappelleti pasta from Chimichurri | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

Chimichurri will celebrate its grand opening on Wednesday, November 11. It is located at 324 W. 7th Street, Dallas.